Mission & Objective

Mission & Objective
Introduction of the Institute with vision, mission statement and objective
To develop Bhuvaneshwari Pvt. I T I as a world class vocational training providing institute and to serve as a valuable
resource for industry and society.
“Bhuvaneshwari Pvt. Industrial Training Institute’s” mission is to provide opportunities of holistic development of the
trainees by
           Imparting quality vocational Training thus equipping them with the knowledge and skill set suitable to the
advancement of manufacturing and Service sectors so as to cope with today’s global industrial environment.
           Executing the programmes to improve Employability of the trainees and supporting them with campus
placement activities thus contributing in Nation’s common goal of minimizing the unemployment among educated
youth and fulfill the requirement of Industries.
Quality Policy
The most important asset of our institute is “Our Trainees”.
To make them successful we at “Bhuvaneshwari Pvt. Industrial Training Institute” are committed to impart quality
vocational training through continual improvement in  training procedures  thus developing our institute as a” World
Class Institute”